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follow the steps by steps

Published on: 7/3/18, 11:22 PM

1. Log in to your account => Click Referrals
The - Shorten URLs and Earn Money referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life! 

Published on: 7/3/18, 11:01 PM

1. Log in to your account => Click Tools => Click Bookmarklet => Click Shorten
This is compatible with most web browsers and platforms as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow javascript. The links toolbar may not be visible in all setups and in most browsers, you can enable it in the View->Toolbars menu of your web browser. You can also put it in your bookmarks instead of the links toolbar. 

Published on: 7/3/18, 10:58 PM

1. Log in to your account => Click Tools => Click Developers API

For developers - Shorten URLs and Earn Money prepared API which returns responses in JSON or TEXT formats.
Currently there is one method which can be used to shorten links on behalf of your account.
All you have to do is to send a GET request with your API token and URL Like the following:

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How to Use Full Page Script on For Blog and Website

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1. Log in to your account => Click Tools => Click Mass Shrinker

2. Enter your link maximum 1000 links that will be shortened => Click Shorten button

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1. Log in to your account => Click Tools => Click Quick Link => change with your link

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How to Witdraw My Revenue on

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how to view Manage Link on

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how to make short links on

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