How much money will I earn for my shorten link?

It is impossible to tell how much revenue you will earn from your shorten link. There are just too many variables, like the quality of your visitors, the amount of traffic you have, the geo-location of the visitors, the devices they use, etc.. Generally speaking though, you will earn more on mobile than desktop traffic and you will earn more from western countries.

Do you have a referral or afiliate program?

Indeed! By referring other webmasters to us, you can earn extra income if they spend money or earn money. You will get a 20% lifetime revshare of our cut of all their spendings or earnings. This income will be paid to your account funds monthly as a seperate payout and it will be listed in your transactions along with all other payments connected with your account.

What payment option can I use to get paid?

We offer you Paypal for payment solution.

Please Note: When doing a withdrawal it can take up to five business days for us to process it due to the high volume of payments we handle.

Do you pay CPC or CPM?

Nope, We pay hits on Skip Ad button.

How are my earnings calculated?

Your earnings are calculated by several factors including what type of traffic you are sending, if it is desktop or mobile, what platform the visitor has or if it’s a wifi or carrier connection, including many other parameters. All these variables along with the advertisers bids and budgets, the demand, how well your traffic performs on their offers, all play a part into how much you will earn.

Based off this information, it is impossible to predict what the earnings will be. But remember that creating a quality website, with quality content and good traffic will be the best thing you can do for long term stable income.

When do you send out payments?

We will pay when you withdraw and reach our minimum payout rate.

How often does the statistics update?

Our statistics are pretty much instant, with a few minutes delay here and there. So once you start sending traffic, detailed data about your traffic should be available quickly.

I have another question but I don find it on FAQ page.

Please contact us via Contact Form.